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Announcing our Newest Product Line – Global Dental Microscopes

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Dental Technology Team


Global Dental Microscopes is a recognized global leader in dental microscopy, which is why they are now our exclusive dental microscope partner. We look to partner with companies that focus on creating high quality, cutting edge equipment and technology. With improved ergonomics these microscopes promote better posture, reduce strain and fatigue while maintaining an upright posture, regardless of the patient’s position.

The A-SERIES™ Line

The A-SERIES™ Microscopes come in 3 different models to fit the needs of any dental professional. They also come with a wide range of accessories allowing you to configure the equipment to your specific needs. They feature a modular design that accommodates a variety of configurations for optimal documentation and observation. Take a look at the magnification chart for each A-SERIES™ below.

With 3 different mounting options, you can choose what figuration works best for your space:a-series-wall_global-dental-microscopes-dentalti

The high or low wall mount configuration folds against the wall for easy storage.


The mobile floor stand features large wheels for easy transportation of the microscope between operatories and a scratch resistant base.


The ceiling mount provides an optimal location for convenient delivery of the microscope. They are available for 8 and 10-foot ceilings. *Please check with us if you have an 8-foot ceiling about certain limitations. 

Increase Treatment Acceptance

The best part? These powerful microscopes can beintegrated with digital cameras and video equipment (HD and SD) based on their modular design to aid the imaging and documentation process. Automatic framing, electronic documentation and virtual beamsplitter are just a few features that are available when you pair one of these microscopes with digital cameras and video equipment. But the real benefit of this combination is having the power to educate your patient to increase treatment acceptance. The patient is able to see the clear, high-resolution image that you see.

Benefits for General Practitioners, Endodontists and Periodontists

Restorative Dentistry:
- Provides refinement in tooth and margin preparation
- Allows for closer inspection of restorations and marginal tissues
- Improved lighting and magnification aid in caries detection and removal

Dental Laboratory:
- Assists in master die trimming
- Facilitates in the location of bubbles, imperfections and undercuts in the master die
- Facilitates in the marginal adaptation of wax or ceramic

1. The Global Dental Operating Microscope provides improved illumination and magnification enhancing the precision and manipulation of all diagnostic and technical aspects of Endodontics.
- Diagnosis: improves visualization of fracture patterns, both the coronal aspects of the tooth, the chamber and into the root structure
- Isolation, evaluation and remediation of pulpal chamber
- Allowing for predictable pulp chamber visualization, the investigation of calcified anatomy can be conducted safer, with reduced loss of tooth structure, minimizing iatrogenic incidents
- Three-dimensional visualization of root obstruction from separated instruments allowing for more successful removal of iatrogenic blockages

- Allows surgeon to minimize the size of the surgical site, reducing patient discomfort and healing time
- Improves accuracy of microsurgical incisions and suturing with 6-0 through 8-0 sutures, permitting precise tissue/tissue and tissue/tooth approximation for primary wound healing
- Allows for better inspection and diagnosis of abnormal soft tissue lesions of the gingiva, palate and mucosa
- Improves visualization of root surface and adjacent intra-bony defects for definitive removal of calculus

Get the full list of benefits here. 

We are the territory reps for Indiana, Kentucky, Western/Southwestern Ohio. Contact us or call our office at 1.800.672.5733 to talk about adding Global Dental Microscopes to  your practice.  

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